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Informed Office Design

CMI Workplace creates intelligent and ergonomic office spaces that maximise the performance, efficiency and wellbeing of your team. The right working environment can fire the imagination, increase collaboration and drive productivity, which all lead to greater employee satisfaction and substantial financial benefits.

Every member of our team has a burning passion for inspiring and practical interior design. We combine our creative zest with practical space planning expertise and a deep understanding of smart working practices to enable us to create a unique office space that is perfectly designed for you.

So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you just found the perfect people to engineer the environment that will enable you to do just that.

A perfect place for everything. Clutter can smother creativity, so making sure your workplace has a broad range of suitable storage can have a profound effect on efficiency.

Bringing everyone together. We will provide the right number of appropriately sized meeting and collaboration spaces to enable employees to work alone and together as effectively as possible.

Inspiring illumination. Specifying the right lighting increases your team’s wellbeing and productivity, ensures appropriate light levels and achieves the desired visual effect throughout your office.

Somewhere comfortable to sit. Office furniture needs to be functional, comfortable and adaptable in order to ensure an enjoyable, safe and effective working environment is maintained.

Business improvements

A workspace that works for you. Whether you’re upsizing, moving, refurbishing, rebranding or merging, we understand that you require a personalised and effective workspace.

A smart working office designed by CMI Workplace will reduce overheads and deliver substantial savings in office costs, improve business efficiencies, streamline processes, increase productivity & collaboration, and boost employee satisfaction & performance, which will ensure a self-funded initiative.

Research into time spent at work desks & break out areas
Improved employee satisfaction & performance
Improved productivity & lower overheads


Expertise, Energy and Experience. We are proud to be trusted space planning and design experts for a wide range of clients. Our previous projects span many sectors including technology, financial services, public sector, pharmaceutical, food products/manufacturing, retail, legal and professional services, and property professionals.

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