SAB Premium Beer Brands HQ


To create a new working environment for the company’s marketing team, which reflected the brand values and personality of Miller Brands UK & Ireland.


To create a working ‘home’ for the whole group in line with the Group’s Better Ways of Working strategy for office accommodation.

What we did

Space planning

We needed to create a trendy environment that would attract and retain employees whilst at the same time be functional and effective. It was important to provide an adaptable workspace with dynamic, multi-purpose areas, such as meeting and collaboration areas. Whilst working on the space planning, we used 3D modelling to allow us to visualise the sight lines.


We created a workspace that subtly represented the company’s UK roots by reflecting the character of England, Scotland Wales and Ireland. Whilst at the same time creating an adaptable interior space that can easily be updated as the brand marketing campaigns change and the company evolves over time.


To make sure the office design recognised the company’s trade (beer) by being comfortable and refreshing but not a leisure environment to work in.

The outcome

How we added value

By working closely with the facilities management company, fit out contractor and end user stakeholders, we ensured that the completed scheme fully reflected the client’s world class brand values, whilst providing a relaxed but professional working office.

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