VEON London office


VEON, one of the world’s largest telecoms and app developers, reached out to CMI Workplace to design the interior of its first UK office. The aim was to build a ‘top talent’ key skills developer team based in ‘Tech City’ London.


Having recently undergone a major business transformation, VEON needed the London workplace design to reflect its new global brand values in order to provide credibility in the marketplace, so it could attract the best programmers and app specialists in the market.

What we did

Space planning

The business was keen to introduce a variety of work settings and collaborative opportunities to create a ‘grown up’ working environment. VEON wanted to avoid gimmicky features that would quickly date, instead taking the visual cue from the hospitality market, using natural materials and warm colours.


Based on a global concept produced by a third party, the design needed to create an inspirational, informal yet professional space, to attract the calibre of workforce VEON was seeking out. Interpreting the global guidelines in sympathy with the strong architectural style of the raw space was crucial to the successful outcome. Visitors to the space will immediately notice that the main floor covering is predominantly wood plank (vinyl) rather than the expected carpet tiles. VEON were keen to embrace an agile workstyle, so CMIW designed an environment that incorporated a wide range of work settings in addition to standard workstation footprint, including meeting pods, private (phone) booths, lounge meeting areas, touch down surfaces and even a sleep pod.


As VEON are moving away from a traditional Telecoms to an Apps based organisation, they wanted their new London workspace to attract the best the city has to offer. The challenge for CMIW was to create a work space based on an ‘aspirational’ work ethos and culture rather than one that already existed.

The outcome

The VEON team were delighted with their new office space. As the first finished office design based on the brand guide, VEON were able to use the lessons learned within the project to influence and improve the brand guide for future builds elsewhere. CMI Workplace delivered a functional, flexible, agile workspace that is sure to attract the best App designers London’s Tech City has to offer.

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