Vodafone Birmingham


The requirement for this project was to amalgamate Vodafone’s three Birmingham operations, as well as their operation from Burton-on-Trent, into one building that was the first in their new wave of next generation Better Ways of Working environments.


Unlike our previous projects for Vodafone, this involved creating a manifestation of their excellence in a new build environment: a blank canvass. Our objective here was to bring Vodafone’s DNA into a neutral space and implant functionality there, along with Vodafone’s personality.

What we did

Space planning

A key requirement was to accommodate a lower ratio of work stations to non-workstations: fewer desks but with a greater variety of collaboration and meeting spaces. Then, a different approach had to be applied for the Vodafone network operations centre, which is a technical and very secure space and therefore demanded specialist needs to be met and of course, high security. As key clients would be visiting the building on a regular basis, it was also important to ensure that the customer journey throughout the building was crafted with this in mind.


Our job was to make the variety of workspaces hang together, providing constant surprise and delight but with a common backbone and thinking behind the design to tie it all together. To add warm touches we included the innovative Better Ways of Working elements including softer, natural materials, plus a key feature of graphics and photographs of Birmingham landmarks and features.


Our main challenge was to ensure that the Vodafone ethos was present in every element of our design, from top to bottom, in a building which previously had never been occupied right across everything including meeting suites, discussion spaces, focus pods for quick/spontaneous meetings, breakout areas and refreshment centres…all incorporated within the workspace, to create fluidity and encourage collaboration.

The outcome

How we added value

Using our knowledge of Vodafone’s ethos and culture combined with our own skills and experience, we were able to deliver a building that employees and visitors alike took to, like ducks to water, fully operational and loved by all employees from day one.

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