Vodafone Centre of Excellence Manchester


The former Cable & Wireless building near Manchester Airport, purchased along with the Cable & Wireless business by Vodafone required bringing into line with current Vodafone office standards.


To reflect Vodafone’s Better Ways of Working ethos throughout the building itself, improve space planning efficiency, create an environment to support its multi-functional purpose and bring Cable & Wireless and Vodafone employees and cultures together.

What we did

Space planning

A substantial transformation was required as the Cable & Wireless building had not received any investment in more than 10 years. The entire space, which previously had been empty, grey, dull, dated, and contained cumbersome workstations along with large areas that were unused, was re-planned to align with Vodafones already successful Vodafone Centres of Excellence in Stoke-on-Trent and Newark.


The design reflects and creatively capitalises on the buildings individual characteristics, the availability of natural light, and the buildings footprint. It was important to create a warm welcome and provide a range of exciting and rewarding features right from the start as many employees were relocating to this office space from other areas within Manchester.



As 3rd in Vodafone’s Centre of Excellence series, this project was yet another exciting and creative challenge. With every project, we successfully move the design on to reflect the building, natural light, and overall footprint. Vodafone’s expectations of us and our abilities to deliver rise each time and we are pleased to say that Vodafone is never disappointed.

The outcome

How we added value

Having worked with Vodafone previously, we were well placed to meet their high standards and requirements. Not only did this project deliver in terms of moving the concepts of the Centre of Excellence on to another level, we also provided a welcoming, inspiring and productive environment that united both Cable & Wireless and Vodafone employees and cultures.

We achieved this by ensuring that a full suite of innovative and forward-thinking features were included to provide a state-of-the-art office environment, such as:

  • A unique and psychologically welcoming entrance portal like a tunnel going onto a pitch, giving the feeling of “you’ve arrived”
  • Vertical circulation, introducing a double helix staircase retaining movement and change within the main workspace
  • Breakout spaces appropriate to different moods e.g. energised: bright colours and rigid seating; chill out: relaxed, informal and homely feel
  • Scientifically-proven lighting techniques and installations
  • A meeting suite that utilised a digital meeting booking system
  • A friendly and welcoming restaurant
  • A well-equipped gym for all employees

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