Centre of Excellence Stoke on Trent


This project for Vodafone UK involved creating a 1,000 seat, state-of-the-art contact centre within a new purpose-designed building in the Hanley area of Stoke-on-Trent.


To make this large interior space a great place for teamwork, bringing together colleagues from four existing locations. To introduce strong design features, to give personality and build a sense of excitement from day 1.

What we did

Space planning

The key to the space planning was to not only maximise the opportunity to locate all 1,000 positions on a single floor but to also create vastly different zones such as relaxed, informal and home style collaboration areas in stark contrast to the work settings.


Given the scale of the operation and the large scale space, we made sure each component had its own look and feel, yet worked within the overall scheme.


The biggest challenge we faced was scale and how to make this vast space feel human and enjoyable to work in. We achieved this by implementing a tri-form structure with zonal areas and effective use of lighting.

The outcome

How we added value

Feedback was extremely positive from day one from the COO through to individual end users. The project was shortlisted for a Regional Award by the British Council for Offices in 2010.

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