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An image of Abigail Ireland, a business coach.

How workspace design impacts engagement, productivity, performance & employee retention

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Abigail Ireland, Wellbeing Consultant takes a closer look at how the physical design of workspace today can have a direct impact on employee retention and engagement.   The world’s top performing companies understand the link between workspace design and workforce effectiveness – and now, more and more organisations are falling over themselves in a race Read More

An image of a bridge pendant providing a multi-sensory workplace

The importance of designing a multi-sensory workplace

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Sarah Bartley of Fern and Noble discusses the direct impact that designing multi-sensory workspaces can have on employee wellbeing, productivity and performance. Multi-sensory workspaces are growing in popularity. It’s a big part of the green versus lean debate that promotes the importance of designing for the benefit of the workers above a factory style minimal layout. It’s Read More

an image of two team members talking in a smart working deign.

Creating a smart workplace culture

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Graham Smith of Flow Workplace Solutions discusses the key considerations and benefits of creating a smart workplace culture. The long-term success of a smart workplace cannot always be captured by a set of KPIs as the widest benefits are reflected in a change in the culture of the organisation. The work culture is made up Read More

an image of a smart working workplace to accompany a fit for purpose workplace blog created by CMI Workplace

How to create a fit for purpose workplace

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Graham Smith of Flow Workplace Solutions discusses why a fit for purpose workplace should be dynamic, constantly improving and customer focussed – delivering superior performance and results over the long haul. When individuals strive to do their best and peruse excellence in day-to-day life we have to have realistic aspirations. No matter how much coaching Read More

An image of a flexible working space designed by CMI Workplace.

The benefits of flexible working and office design

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Andy Lake from talks about flexible working and office design. In this video: Andy advises Governments and companies on the benefits of smart working. Smart working is a business focused approach to flexible working, which involves continuous improvement and embedding flexibility into everything an organisation does. Varying the place and time of work using new Read More

An image office lighting inside the Vodafone HQ.

Is office lighting really that important?

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Neil Knowles from Elektra Lighting shares his knowledge of how important office lighting is when it comes to interior design. Office lighting is often overlooked; thought of as a simple exercise is getting enough light onto desks, whilst spending as little money as possible in the process. Let’s image the same applied to the interior design – get as Read More

CMIW New Ways of Working

Have new ways of working become old hat?

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As part of our series of blogs taking a look at the future of the workplace, we invited smart working expert, Andy Lake to share his views on the future of Smart Working and whether new ways of working have already become old hat. “The future is here. It’s just evenly distributed.” – William Gibson Read More

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