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An image of employees collaborating in an interactive office space.

Boost productivity with an interactive office

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It goes without saying that technology has revolutionised the design of the workplace over the last century. For companies, embracing technology in their workplace design is only part of the story. The culture, DNA, values and essence of any business is brought to life by the people who work there. Interactive office design is putting Read More

An image of an open plan office space, divided into separate sections, wtith white desks and modern computers.

What will the future workplace look like?

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What will the office of the future be like? What key drivers will influence the future workplace and what’s happening now to pave the way? We have envisaged a workplace 20 years from now, highlighting the key social, environmental and technological factors that will influence it and how different it will be from the workplace Read More

An image showing team building in the workplace

Team building in the workplace

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When team building is effective in the workplace it can result in performance improvements for both individuals and teams; happier, healthier and more engaged employees; an improved sense of collaboration and trust amongst employees; improved communications within and across departments and ultimately an overall upturn in company performance. Whilst there are many ways that you Read More

An image of the workplace Trends Doodle by Simon Heath.

Workplace Trends: Wellbeing & Productivity Summit

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Last week we attended the Workplace Trends: Wellbeing & Productivity Summit. It was an inspiring and informative day, filled with lots of learning, networking and tweeting! In this week’s blog, we’ve featured our highlights of the day and numerous facts and figures that were shared throughout each session. Using Building Data to Predict Wellbeing and Read More

An image of a virtual reality headset being used during a team building session in the workplace.

Utilising new technology in the workplace

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With smart working comes the ability to adopt more agile and flexible working practices and to achieve this the right technology is essential. When you take into account the overarching objectives and benefits of smart working, from increased employee collaboration and productivity to reduced operational costs and environmental impact, it’s easy to see that utilising Read More

An image of an office interior designed by CMI Workplace

What are the benefits of good office design?

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Last week, we discussed how good office design boosts employee happiness. In this week’s blog, we highlight more benefits of good office design. Improved productivity With workplace productivity 30% lower in the UK compared to the USA and France, and 26% lower than in Germany, it’s not surprising that many companies are always looking for ways to Read More

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