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Smart working meeting space in a smart working office layout

The advantages of re-designing your office layout. Can your company afford not to?

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Research and case studies have proven that investing in the design of your office layout, boosts employee engagement levels.  It can be used as a business tool to bring organisational change, improve employee retention and attract new talent.  All of which are linked to increasing productivity, improving efficiencies and increased profits. The correlation between space Read More

an image of a workplace statistic, explaining that happy employees are 12% more productive

Workplace trends in 2016

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As experts in workplace planning, design and smart working, our experience and collaboration with our partners and clients informs our office and smart working concepts. However, it is always important to be able to back our concepts up with independent industry research and findings on workplace trends. In 2016, we began sharing industry facts, figures and workplace Read More

An image of a workplace design created by CMI Workplace

Office design ideas: The ones that got away…

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Reflections on some of our office design ideas by our very own Design Director, Matt Cheshire. As I was flicking through the design annals on our server, looking for reference material to help with a new office design project, I was reminded of the ‘ones that got away’. Those projects you immerse yourself into, developing a scheme Read More

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