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An image of Abigail Ireland, a business coach.

How workspace design impacts engagement, productivity, performance & employee retention

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Abigail Ireland, Wellbeing Consultant takes a closer look at how the physical design of workspace today can have a direct impact on employee retention and engagement.   The world’s top performing companies understand the link between workspace design and workforce effectiveness – and now, more and more organisations are falling over themselves in a race Read More

An image of an open workspace office design.

Open workspace design, the benefits for modern business

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Love it or hate it, the open plan office space has transformed the workplace. However, smart businesses are increasingly using open workspace design principles, recognising that one size might not in fact fit all employees when it comes to designing office space. Whilst the benefits of open plan office spaces versus their hierarchical, cubicle and Read More

An image of employees collaborating in an interactive office space.

Boost productivity with an interactive office

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It goes without saying that technology has revolutionised the design of the workplace over the last century. For companies, embracing technology in their workplace design is only part of the story. The culture, DNA, values and essence of any business is brought to life by the people who work there. Interactive office design is putting Read More

Smart working meeting space in a smart working office layout

The advantages of re-designing your office layout. Can your company afford not to?

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Research and case studies have proven that investing in the design of your office layout, boosts employee engagement levels.  It can be used as a business tool to bring organisational change, improve employee retention and attract new talent.  All of which are linked to increasing productivity, improving efficiencies and increased profits. The correlation between space Read More

an image of people working in an office and their office values displayed on the wall

How workplace design can effect office values and company culture

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Defined as “the operating philosophies or principles that guide an organisation’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners and shareholders”, a company’s core or office values form an integral part of its overarching organisational culture. A company’s culture is unique and individual to each company. Usually led by the company’s management Read More

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