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Whether you’re looking to re-design your existing office because you’ve outgrown it or move to new premises because you need more or less space, the whole process can be considered very costly, which in turn can become a prohibitor.

There are many ways that investing in an office redesign or move to new premises can not only pay for itself but also bring ongoing returns on your investment. We outline 3 key ways that your office redesign or move can be considered as an investment and in fact, pay for itself and provide ongoing ROI.

Optimise your space

Looking at the space you already occupy and asking whether you can utilise it more effectively is an essential first step. All too often, we find that our clients simply aren’t making optimum use of their office space. Usually, this is due to poor office design in the first place, desk allocation, and storage. A first port of call is to carry out a space utilisation study that will inform you as to how much office space is actually being used on a daily or regular basis, where there are dead spaces or zones and where changes or tweaks can be made to ensure that the entire office space is being used effectively.

If your office is bursting at the seams, this process can enable you to redesign your existing premises to make better use of the space you have. In some cases, we have redesigned offices to enable clients to no longer require whole floors or areas of their office. These areas can be released or sub-let. You can immediately see how this rent release or additional rental income can then be used to fund the office redesign project and reap further on-going financial savings.

Conversely, if your business is growing, taking a good look at utilisation and redesigning your office can allow you to increase headcount without having to move to new premises.

If you are in an office with too much space and are looking to downsize, rather than moving to an office that has already been designed and fitted out – and paying a premium for that space – why not move to an office space that still requires the design work to be carried out. You’ll not only reap the benefits of less rent/lease/purchase price but you’ll also benefit from being able to design an office space that fits your company, culture and working practices.

Improve employee productivity, creativity and retention

There’s a wealth of evidence that suggests that better, brighter, intelligent and ergonomically designed offices improve employee productivity and creativity. Evidence also suggests that it can improve employee retention as they are happier and more satisfied in their current workplace.

All manner of design factors can contribute to improved employee productivity, innovation and collaboration, these include providing a range or areas and places to work, creating a bright and airy office filled with plenty of plants and greenery, a good balance of refreshment and relaxation areas, innovation zones to spark creativity, choice of technology and optimum building services such as temperature, to mention a few.

All of these factors contribute to employee productivity, satisfaction and innovation. With your employees working harder, smarter and bursting with new ideas, your business will reap the return on investment from your office redesign in no time at all.

Further ROI comes from employee retention. A well-designed office environment is proven to reduce employee churn, meaning that your business will benefit from retaining good talent and not having the added costs of recruiting and training new employees. Also as an added benefit, a well-designed office will help with attracting new talent when you do need to recruit.

Create a sustainable office

Sustainability is a huge factor to consider when designing your office, by specifying and utilising green and sustainable resources, techniques and practices, you reduce your annual office energy costs by between 30-50%. Looking at how you can provide factors such as heating, lighting and cooling in a sustainable way will not only deliver long-term ROI but also ensure that your company is doing its bit for the environment.

So, if you’re thinking that you need to re-design your office or move to new premises but that you can’t justify the cost. Think again! The question you should be asking is can you afford NOT to?

As experts in space planning, office design and smart working, the team here at CMI Workplace are well placed to advise, guide and support your next office move.

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