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Expert office design services across Birmingham

CMI Workplace is your premier choice for providing expert office design services to businesses that are both local to Birmingham, throughout the UK and overseas. For over ten years, CMI Workplace has planned and designed innovative workspaces and smart working environments. Our dynamic team of professionals provide skilled workplace planning, design and consulting, to all of our highly valued clients.

The importance of bespoke office interior

As a Birmingham-based business where office space is at a premium, it is important to ensure that your office environment is working as effectively as possible for you and your employees. Your office needs to be a functional workspace, where your employees can work and collaborate, but it also needs to attract potential and retain existing employees. Your office interior needs to reflect your company DNA and culture, foster a sense of belonging and well-being among your employees, as well as ensure operational efficiencies, cost savings and profitability for your business. CMI Workplace takes all of this into consideration when designing innovative and intelligent office designs, ensuring that they seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics to create an office space where your employees feel comfortable, lively, and happy and your business performance is enhanced.

Should you choose to utilise our office design services within your Birmingham business, you will receive a personalised service from our team of professionals. Using data gathered from our extensive employee surveys and space audits, CMI Workplace will formulate a bespoke design proposal. Our team strive to reflect your vision for your business, incorporating existing employee needs with future aspirations to enhance your office design for the better. Our exhaustive office design processes have proven to work time and time again, allowing our team to cultivate strong working relationships with many notable clients, including Vodafone, Miller Brands, and AXA.

Here at CMI Workplace, we recognise our duty to protect the environment when we undertake every office design project. We ensure that we strictly adhere to guidelines set out by sustainability assessors such as BREEAM, SKA and LEED, establishing designs which are environmentally conscious.

Redesigning your office interior with CMI Workplace

When undertaking our office interior refurbishment, we strive to ensure that our design process is a completely collaborative process that involves the entire business. Our initial on-site visit to your business will provide our team with the knowledge needed to fully understand the space within your Birmingham office. We will complete extensive employee surveys to discover what is essential to those using the office space daily, and execute detailed space audits to fully determine your requirements and highlight existing ergonomic issues. Once the necessary data has been gathered, CMI Workplace can devise a workplace strategy driven entirely by your business objectives and needs. Our office interior concepts always give careful consideration to important factors such as how we can bring your brand to life, implement smart working practices and improve the productivity of the business as a whole.

For a flexible, stylish approach to office planning that is built on a fundamental knowledge and passion for the industry, contact CMI Workplace. Our team of experts can arrange a visit to your Birmingham office to decide how to proceed with our office interior services. Give the team a call at 01908 224 160 or complete our online contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Some of our office design projects in Birmingham

Vodafone's offices in Birmingham

An image of the reception area of the Vodafone headquarters in Birmingham

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