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What does your office design say about your company? Your office interior can have a great impact on various aspects of your business, including everything from that all important first impression to a prospective client, to the way in which your employees work throughout the day, their productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

At CMI Workplace, we use our many years of professional industry experience, garnered from working both locally to the area of Oxford and internationally, to transform your office design.

Isn’t it just aesthetics? Although when considering adapting your office interior, you may assume that only the aesthetics of the space will change, it’s important to take note of how your working environment can have a knock-on effect to the wider aspects of your business.

Office space often comes at a premium in major towns and cities, so it is important to utilise the space as efficiently as possible. At CMI Workplace, we are experts in flexible, smart working practices, allowing you to boost the efficiency of your internal operations and, in turn, save on costs.

Transforming your office interior in Oxford

No one understands the internal practices of your company quite like your employees. To truly encapsulate your business values and company culture, the dedicated team at CMI Workplace employ several unique methods, before we embark on the design process.

Our team of experts carry out comprehensive employee surveys and detailed space audits to help us create a design that reflects the needs of those who will be working within it on a daily basis, as well as well as maximising the potential of the space.

We don’t see a room with desks and computers, we see the opportunities of a blank canvas and work tirelessly to ensure each aspect, from the seating to the layout of the entire room, work in terms of both practicality and style.

Office design in Oxford with CMI Workplace

If you hadn’t already noticed, we think about things a little differently here at CMI Workplace. Priding ourselves on the established relationships we have made across the area of Oxford and further afield, we work to the latest guidelines set by sustainability assessors such as BREEAM, LEED and SKA to ensure all aspects of your office interior are created with sustainability in mind, for minimal impact to the wider environment.

To find out more about our office design services, call the dedicated team at CMI Workplace on 01908 224 160. Alternatively, click through to our online contact form to send your enquiry today and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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