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We design effective workplaces

Most of us can spend up to a third of the working week in the office. It’s therefore important that we not only have everything we need to perform our job function but that we feel comfortable in the environment we inhabit for so much of our lives.

Happier people are more productive, which is why we combine ergonomic and aesthetic design to create spaces that are highly functional and pleasurable to be in. We bring together function and form to design the perfect place for your workforce to interact.

A good workplace can make all the difference when it comes to employee productivity and overall profitability.

That’s why space matters so much.

This is how we do it

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Space planning

Transforming your office space

We are space planning experts with a broad and global understanding of how to effectively and efficiently utilise office space to facilitate smarter working practices. We do not rely on our past experience and knowledge alone. We work hand-in-hand with you to fully understand how your business operates today. We do this by carrying out detailed space audits combined with the systematic use of a series of tools to establish how you are currently using, or not using, your office space.

Space audits and employee surveys allow us to identify where your business is not operating as efficiently as it should and then make recommendations on the changes that need to be made in order to deliver improvements whether it’s the introduction of informal meeting zones or pods to cater for small meetings that do not require over-sized formal meeting rooms, or touchdown areas for people on the move so that desk space can be better utilised.

The outcome is a detailed proposal, based on experience and real facts, as to how we can transform your office space and create the optimum office layout to facilitate flexible working practices.


Workplace design


As creative designers we know that good design is at the heart of everything we do and we are always striving for new and inspiring ways to improve our clients’ working environments, wellbeing, and working life.

The right look

Every space and client is different, we word hard on creating workplace designs that are not only innovative, inspiring and sustainable but that always reflect our client’s DNA and personality.

A key element for every project is to ensure that, together with all the practical durability and technical requirements, the finished workplace feels right to employees and visitors alike. No matter what type of business you have, we will create a space to reflect your organisation, your culture, and your people.

Bringing your brand to life

Your brand is at the heart of your organisation and so it should be at the heart of your office space too. We will ensure that we work closely with your internal or external brand experts to create an office design that brings your brand to life and inspires your workforce each and every day.

Creating strong relationships with our clients and developing original, well thought through workplace design solutions that our clients’ organisations benefit from is what drives us forward.


Smart working consultancy

Helping the transition to flexible working

We are not only experts in space planning and workplace design but also in understanding the transition to smart working practices. An improved office layout and design, upgraded IT systems, and innovative working spaces must blend together in order for smart working practices to be truly effective. We are well-practiced at working with each business function in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Also critical to the mix are people and culture. We work with your HR team, or provide the expertise of our strategic partners, to review and implement working processes, policies and guidelines. We help identify and manage the cultural change that your business may need to go through to enable the adoption of smart working and we provide assistance with the internal communications that will be required to ensure successful implementation and adoption of the changes.


Our Process

Design the CMI Way

Our team has longevity and experience within workplace design have enabled us to refine and hone our working processes. To fully understand our clients’ personality, we must invest in getting to know the business, its objectives, and aspirations. To do this we can spend time within the business talking to employees and the executive team.

We aim to work with first class consultancy partners and introduce them at the right time in the project to ensure everything is delivered on time, in full and within budget.

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