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What is smart working?

Smart working refers to the cohesive approach to changing the way we work to deliver more efficiency and effectiveness at work. Smart working enables organisations to realise business and operational efficiencies and cost savings by implementing a more flexible and agile mindset and approach. Smart working empowers employees, affording them with higher levels of autonomy in order to be more productive and collaborative. This is achieved by examining business objectives and employee needs and creating a trust-based company culture, working practices and business environment that is focused on managing by results in order to achieve optimum business results and outcomes.

As a smart working consultancy, CMI Workplace can facilitate the transition to smart working, using our experience and industry knowledge to ensure the process is implemented smoothly and embraced by all within the business; ensuring that your employees understand, and more importantly are confident with, the new practices and processes associated with smart working.

Why should my business adopt smart working?

Research indicates that smart working improves employee collaboration, productivity and innovation. Offering more control over the employee workspaces and transforming the business to an agile one has been found to correlate with a notable increase in employee satisfaction and an improved work-life balance.

CMI Workplace helps you to create a company ethos and culture that is conducive to smart working. We help you to create working practices and physical environments that empower your employees and affords them increased choice over their working day. We work with you to ensure the appropriate use of equipment and technology, which advocates this free flow of movement in your smart working environments.

There are tremendous and proven cost savings associated with adopting smart working practices; instead of choosing to expand a growing business by purchasing more office space, we will enable you to optimise your existing office space to fulfil its smart working potential.

CMI Workplace are smart working consultants

CMI Workplace’s smart working consultancy has been formed from our years of experience working in the field of space planning and workplace design.

By working with you to fully understand your business’ culture, communication channels and how each individual team and department work, we formulate and implement a highly effective programme: one that will make the introduction of and transition to smart working processes smooth and seamless.

As smart working consultants, we make it our mission to expertly blend the latest technology with innovative working spaces to introduce the idea of smart working to offices across London, Manchester, Birmingham, and beyond. Be sure to complete our online contact form today to be placed in touch with a member of our smart working consultancy team and start discussions to bring smart working processes to your business.

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