Space Planning

What is space planning?

Space planning is a vital aspect of office design, the phrase itself describing the process of augmenting office furniture and office functions to create a more harmonious and productive workspace. Many organisations aren’t currently utilising their work space effectively – either by cramming too many desks into one space; by not zoning areas and designating them for certain working activities; or even by choosing office furniture that is uncomfortable and not reflective of the working climate and the needs of the employees. By employing space planning techniques within your workplace, your office space will encourage further team collaboration, creativity at work, and a better flow throughout the office.

Why should my business consider space planning?

As space planning experts, we fully understand that every square inch of your office space must work for your business. Planning your office space can bring a plethora of productivity, efficiency and collaboration benefits to your employees and business as a whole.

Space planning can help to reduce the operating costs within your office. You may feel that you are outgrowing your current office space and that you need to relocate to larger premises to house your growing workforce. Unfortunately, the costs and inconvenience associated with moving premises can often be prohibitive, so why not take a good look at how you are utilising your current office space as you may discover that you are not utilising it as efficiently as you could be. A space utilisation audit and advice from space planning consultants such as CMI Workplace will resolve whether your existing premises can be overhauled and arranged into a brand new working environment that more effectively and efficiently uses the space available to you. This approach is often a more cost effective and less disruptive option compared to moving to new premises and can deliver a quicker return on investment.

Important aspects such as the integration of technologies within the workplace can be incorporated and improve employee collaboration and productivity. CMI Workplace can recommend office furniture and technology that will facilitate smarter and more flexible working practices. Whether you need technology that will enable teams from around the globe to communicate and collaborate more efficiently or office furniture o make your employees’ daily lives more efficient and productive. We will fully understand your employee and business goals and recommend the right technology and furniture to meet them. This is a key consideration to take into account early on in the office design and space planning process.

Well-designed workplaces can vastly improve employee productivity. By planning your office space to provide a variety of working spaces, such as formal and informal meeting areas, spaces dedicated solely to collaborative thinking, quiet zones and reflective spaces, breakouts, and task areas etc. you are enabling your employees to choose the most relevant area to complete the task at hand. This results in a happier, more collaborative and more engaged workforce, which in turn leads to improved productivity and efficiency.

CMI Workplace's space planning processes

As workplace experts with extensive industry experience, CMI Workplace has carved out a professional and effective space planning offering. Whether you’re looking to save space or enhance your existing workplace, our experts are on hand to help you with every step of your space planning and design journey.

1. Detailed space audits and employee surveys are conducted initially, with the aim to understand the ingrained DNA of your business – finding out what your employees require in their day-to-day jobs and highlighting areas where your office space isn’t being fully or efficiently utilised. Your company working culture and business requirements are at the forefront of every decision made by our workplace consultants and thus form the basis of our comprehensive space utilisation audit report.

2. Your bespoke report from CMI Workplace will offer suggestions as to how you can implement various space saving or space enhancing techniques to create the optimum office and working environment for your company.

3. Should you choose to employ our space planning services, CMI Workplace’s consultants will work with you to aid the transition and ensure a smooth implementation of our space planning suggestions.

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