Workplace Design

What Is workplace design?

Good office design has a paramount influence on our behaviour at work –  a bright, intuitive and inspiring office design encourages a positive mental attitude, improves collaboration and enhances performance. As space planning and workplace design experts, CMI Workplace assesses how spaces are used, and then creates fully-functional office spaces that encompass the needs of the employees and the business as a whole. Intelligent and ergonomic offices deliver improved business efficiencies, performance and profits. Couple this with enhanced employee collaboration, productivity and retention, and you can see the ever-growing case for smart office designs.

Why should my business consider workplace design?

When it comes to office layout, the phrase ‘one size fits all’ may come to mind. At CMI Workplace, we believe this is not the case and argue that your workplace should represent your company’s individuality, its unique culture and your own values, whilst at the same time mould around the requirements of the business and your employees.

Whether you are working from a small office, or your company stretches across an entire cluster of buildings, your workplace design is integral to the productivity of your employees. Countless studies have been conducted surrounding the subject of office design, with most declaring that good office design can positively influence task completion statistics and job satisfaction, as well as improve employee retention and satisfaction.

Workplace technology is ever-changing, and it’s important to ensure that you select the right technology to support and enhance your business needs. Our space planning and design experts navigate you through the latest developments in workplace technology and advise you on which equipment is best to enhance your workspace.

Smart office design can be applied to a multitude of office spaces and sizes. With the right workplace design, even the smallest of offices can adapt to smarter working policies and processes, resulting in empowered, engaged and inspired employees.

CMIW’s workplace design processes

First and foremost, we invest time in getting to know your business. This informs our designs and concepts and enables us to create a workspace that is not only unique to your business but reflects your company’s culture and working practices.

1. We examine the existing design of your office and analyse working patterns and employee behaviour to see if the two co-exist harmoniously in your current working climate. Our experts will note patterns of behaviour within your workforce and take great care to explore the flow of the office. We will engage with your leadership and workforce to gain a full understanding of how you work today and what your aspirations are for working in the future. Our goal is to augment office design with employee wellbeing for the better, and this will become evident once you receive our initial design proposals. Our design consultants will offer suggestions to improve your working environment, all of which are built upon the existing DNA and employee culture of your office to ensure we don’t lose what makes your business, and the people, so unique.

2. Every office design starts with a blank piece of paper. Sustainable offices that inspire and encourage employees to thrive is what we strive to achieve here at CMI Workplace, hence why the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy is left firmly at the door. No matter your industry, the CMI Workplace team will create office designs that wholly reflect your company and the work carried out by your employees, envisioning an environment that brings together a myriad of technical and practical elements to create a functional office space. This is why our comprehensive space audits and employee surveys are so integral to our overarching goals – the results really do shape our bespoke design process.

3. All of our office designs are unique, your company culture, values and brand can proudly take centre-stage. Working closely with your management team and employees, our CMI Workplace designers will envisage a workspace that brings your culture and values, brand and business objectives to life.

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