Re-thinking space planning

When it comes to space planning, CMI Workplace are the experts, and provide tailored consultancy across the area of Oxford and worldwide.

Effective space planning forms the basis of a great interior, which can transform the working practices of your office. Fully understanding the space and how each area could work will provide you with the flexibility to use your office to its full potential, in turn, transforming the way in which daily routines are carried out for heightened productivity and efficiency.

Space planning for your Oxford business

Just a short drive from our headquarters, the specialist team at CMI Workplace are ideally located to provide bespoke space planning services to Oxford and further afield. With our extensive industry experience, we have transformed businesses all over the world, but never take for granted the need to provide a bespoke service.

At CMI Workplace, we see far beyond the aesthetics of your office interior and work cohesively with you to ensure that your daily working practices can take advantage of effective space planning.

Transform your office with CMI Workplace

To ensure you get the most benefit from your office space, we need to get to know the requirements of those that use it most often. Consequently, our knowledgeable team will conduct team-wide surveys to understand how daily tasks are carried out in order to best understand where employee wellbeing can be improved.

It is well-known that employees that feel appreciated will be more motivated to carry out their duties with a heightened efficiency and work ethic, thus having a knock-on effect on the overall success of the business.

Following on from our team surveys, we will conduct an audit of the space, looking out for key areas that are being under or even overused. Combining a wide range of proven approaches, our aim is to deliver effective space planning that is tailored to fully serve the nature of your business and its evolving requirements.

If you would like more information regarding our space planning services in the area of Oxford, please call our specialist team today on 01908 224 160. Alternatively, send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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