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With smart working comes the ability to adopt more agile and flexible working practices and to achieve this the right technology is essential. When you take into account the overarching objectives and benefits of smart working, from increased employee collaboration and productivity to reduced operational costs and environmental impact, it’s easy to see that utilising the right new technology in your smart working office is essential.

The landscape for new technology within the workplace is vast with many forward-thinking companies embracing virtual and augmented reality, automation and wearable tech in their quest to create a truly connected workplace. If you also take into account how new technology is now being designed into office furniture too – check out the ‘climate chair’ with heating and ventilation systems installed within the structure – you can see that new technology is leading the way to a more seamless and connected workplace.

For many companies, streamlining and standardising IT systems, embracing cloud computing and virtualisation, and introducing unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is significant enough in achieving their smart working and connected office goals.

Below, CMI Workplace has listed three advantages to utilising new technology in the workplace.

Encourages collaboration

With tablets and laptops becoming the norm within the workplace, employees are given the tools to move more freely and work in locations other than at a workstation. In smart working offices, this freedom is designed to afford employees with the ability and flexibility to collaborate more readily. Even with mobile devices and the increased adoption of flexible working attitudes, it’s surprising how cumbersome connectivity of mobile devices to business networks and systems remain. A smart working office should look to install new technology that delivers a truly connected workplace, with standardised operating and business systems as well as integrated charge points, power adapters and multimedia facilities to enable instantaneous and seamless connectivity, be it in meeting rooms, touchdown areas or workstations. Not only will this improve employee collaboration, it will also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, wellbeing and retention.

Connect with colleagues and clients anywhere

Installing new technologies to aid communication and collaboration can streamline business and operational costs. Tele and video conferencing are not new technologies but are constantly evolving to deliver the latest in unified communications and collaboration. A smart working office that adopts new technology designed to facilitate real time communications via voice, video, the web, and instant messaging will not only reduce the costs associated with travel but will also facilitate more frequent communications and collaboration between employees and clients much closer to home.

Improves internal communication

With a smart working office, employees are likely to be more mobile and not necessarily based in the office every day. In many ways, this means that internal communication becomes even more important than ever before. Ensuring that all employees remain connected to your company’s overarching objectives and aspirations as well as to their immediate team and managers is essential. It’s also important that employees feel fully informed and aware of any important company changes. New technology infrastructures and communications platforms that are designed to enhance existing internal communication, with every employee able to keep updated on changes at all times during the work day are important. Also important are communications tools that enable transparency and openness with working process and practices. Time can be managed more effectively when the schedules of any ongoing company projects are transparent and readily available for your employees to access, allowing them to prioritise their tasks accordingly. This is turn will lead to an increased output of work and a more productive workplace.

Ever-changing world of technology

The office landscape is ever changing, and this is due in part to the perpetual advances in workplace technology. The tangible link between smart working and technology continues to strengthen with new technology informing office design and smart working practices and vice versa.

CMI Workplace can work with you to design a smart working environment that makes the best use of technology in order to achieve your business goals and at the same time remain true to the culture and DNA of your business.

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