Why choose CMI Workplace?

Why choose CMI Workplace?

We build strong business cases

Our flexible approach and independence mean that we act in your best interest at all times. We work with your own team or our strategic partners to bring all the workstreams together to build the most effective business case.

We deliver business improvements

By re-designing your office environment and adopting smart working practices, your physical working environment will be far more efficient due to operating costs and overheads being significantly reduced.

You will see improvements in business efficiencies, processes will be streamlined, productivity and collaboration will improve, and employee satisfaction and performance will rise.

We understand your company’s DNA

Realising that every space and client is different, we pride ourselves on understanding each of our clients DNA and creating innovative, inspiring and sustainable workspaces that respond to how the organisation actually works rather than standard assumptions.

It is through our commitment to informed office design that we can deliver genuine cost savings, enriched workforce collaboration, enhanced working practices and improved operational efficiencies.

We have a first class team

At the heart of a good design firm is its people and we are very proud of our team, who are talented, hardworking and committed. It is because of our team, their creativity, hunger for innovation and drive continuous improvement that we can help forge smart ways of working ahead and inspire new ideas for the future.

We love to collaborate

Collaboration is second nature to us, be it with the various client stakeholders and teams, trusted partners or other professionals. Whether we are delivering a small element of the overall smart working project such as workspace layout or the entire project, we are confident in our commitment and ability to deliver as part of a team. Equally, we are confident to take the lead when appropriate, becoming part of our clients’ team at a strategic level.

We believe in creating green and sustainable office spaces

Embarking on a new or refurbished office space means adopting greener policies and adhering to sustainability guidelines as set out by BREEAM, SKA and LEED. It’s critical at the outset of a project to set and agree green targets and to ensure that the space planning and design can support the achievement of those targets.

We provide support locally, nationally and internationally

We have built up a wealth of experience supporting local, national and international business of all sizes. With our varied professional experience, we can help you achieve your goals and create a working environment that is efficient, environmentally friendly and conducive to productivity. No matter your location, we can help transform your office interior, creating a space that is in line with the values of your organisation. Some of our recent local work has taken us across the cities of Birmingham, CambridgeLondonManchester and Oxford.

Want to know more?

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The start of our journey together. Communication and collaboration are second nature to us, and important aspects when it comes to workplace design. Contact us today to discuss how CMI Workplace can help with your office design project.

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