Workplace design boosts employee happiness by 33%

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The topic of workplace or employee happiness keeps coming on our radar lately…

…and were delighted this week to receive details of a recent survey carried out by Office Genie, which reports that workplace design is the most important factor when it comes to employee happiness – boosting happiness at work by a phenomenal 33%. This outstrips other key factors such as temperature (5%), lighting (6%), noise (8%), social interaction (8%) and the option to adopt flexible working practices (12%).

Couple this with research by the University of Warwick, which reports that happy employees are 12% more productive and you can see the case for investing in employee happiness and why many companies are now prioritising this as a business objective. The idea is that the when employees feel happy and positive they are likely to be more creative, collaborative and better at problem-solving.

So, what factors should be considered when designing a workplace for employee happiness?

The workplace must be legible: there needs to be sense in the design, flow and organisation of the workspace. It must be easy for employees to navigate the space and find colleagues. Working spaces and furnishings need to convey their intended use.

There should be a range or working zones: providing flexible working spaces to enable employees to get on with the job at hand will mean they are more productive and have an improved sense of achievement.

Provide areas for wellbeing and downtime: the office shouldn’t be about all work and no play, encouraging employees to take breaks, relax and interact with each is important for wellbeing.

Let the (natural) light shine in: research shows that exposure to natural light in the workplace improves employee happiness and productivity. It also improves employee sleep activity and quality of life.

Bring the outside in: from pot plants to living walls, embracing the great outdoors and bringing it indoors will improve air quality within the workspace and result in enhanced employee focus.

Embrace colour: effective use colour can positively impact on employee happiness, mood and productivity.

Choose furniture wisely: Furniture should be comfortable and functional in order to avoid employee aches, pains and discomfort.

Listen to your employees: it’s important when you’re designing your office space to gather the views, desires and requirements of your employees. Create a workspace that your employees want and will use and you’ll have a much happier workforce.

Be engaging and inspiring: employees spend most of their day at work, using your office space to communicate inspiring messages, company culture and corporate values is important to creating a strong sense of belonging.

There’s a wealth of things to consider when creating a workplace for employee happiness. If you care about your employee happiness and want to create a workplace that will enhance it, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

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